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Baby Toad

At our gardening session on Sunday to promote British Farming week, we had a potato tasting competition. I’m pleased to say that everyone voted for the potatoes grown in The Walled Garden, which means that it is definitely worth growing your own as far as tastiness is concerned.

Our little group worked hard in the heat and dug up 44 kilos of potatoes including some very strange shaped Pink Fur Apple potatoes and this enormous King Edward potato which weighed a staggering 500 grams, has anyone grown a bigger one?  The biggest excitement though while we were digging for potatoes was to find a baby toad the size of my thumb nail, very well camouflaged in the soil!

We also made a start at rejuvenating the scarecrows. Huge thanks to all.

Our session on Sunday is full and after that we will have further sessions on Saturday 17 October and Tuesday 27 October.

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