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So lucky to have such positive comments

Evie-Mae (age 4) and I talked about why she likes coming along to your sessions and this is what she said:

‘I like raking the leaves, digging and picking the fruit and tomatoes. I like using the tools.’

From my point of view,

I am so glad that we found Gini’s workshops. From the first session that we attended it was clear that it had an impact on Evie-Mae as she repeatedly asked when we would be returning for another one. Gini offers the children a fun and educational outdoor experience and something that I would not be able to do for Evie-Mae at home - her enthusiasm,

passion and dedication is infectious. Every session offers something different and provides Evie-Mae with new and exciting opportunities to introduce her to the world of gardening/farming and the important issues surrounding sustainability. Quite often, we will be out and about and Evie-Mae will share with us something that she has learnt from her hands-on experiences with Gini. I have learnt so much, myself, from listening to Gini and I truly hope that she continues the workshops for a long time yet! It is lovely to have something to look forward to that we can take part in together and that we can learn from together as well. We are so grateful and so lucky to be a part of something so special.

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