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Lots of people have sent me information about this report it shows how good gardening is for children;

Dear all,

We thought that you would be interested in the findings of a report published by the Royal Horticultural Society this week.

The report Gardening in Schools – A vital tool for children’s learning shows the enormous impact gardening has on a child’s wellbeing, learning and development.  Commissioned by the RHS from independent researchers the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), the report highlights how schools which actively use a garden, develop ‘resilient,’ ‘ready to learn’ and ‘responsible’ children – 3R attributes that make up well-balanced, happier, healthy, rounded individuals.  The RHS believes these 3 R’s can be learnt when gardening is used as a teaching tool, not just an extra-curricular activity.

The NFER surveyed a selection of 1,300 school teachers and studied in-depth 10 schools belonging to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening, from a large urban London primary to small village school in Yorkshire, to discover that gardening in schools encourages children to:

Become stronger, more active learners capable of thinking independently and adapting their skills and knowledge to new challenges at school and in future;

Gain a more resilient, confident and responsible approach to life so they can achieve their goals and play a positive role in society;

Learn vital jobs skills such as presentation skills, communication and team work, and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit;

Embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle as an important tool for success at school and beyond;

Develop the ability to work and communicate with people from all ages and backgrounds.

To see the research report Gardening in Schools – A vital tool for children’s learning please follow this link:

If you have any questions about the research or would like further information, please do let me know.

Best wishes,

Abigail Page

The Royal Horticultural Society

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