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The children have been learning about grass and did some beautiful grass pictures

They also had fun climbing up the grass

on top of the compost heap.

As it is nearing the end of term, if anyone is wondering what to give their children’s teachers, my personal view is, nothing except a few nice words. I received this, last week and it made my heart sing.

“Your classes have had a huge influence on Sally . The knowledge she's gained and enthusiasm for nature that has been encouraged by you is a beautiful quality of hers. she loves to point out different flowers, leaves, trees... she'll often amaze us by pointing out seasonal changes in branches, catkins, pussywillow- things that have come directly from your teachings. We can't thank you enough for nurturing this enthusiasm. Additionally, we will forever have mementoes of your lessons at home. In our bedroom we have a painting she made of harvest vegetables, in her playroom there are multiple artworks made in your workshops, and on her windowsill is a jam jar filled with various twigs that continue to grow and evolve!”

Our next gardening sessions will be Wednesday 2 August 2-4 and

Tuesday 15 August 9-11. Also we plan to run a Forest school session on Thursday

27 July 10-3 Please email me for more info.

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