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We've received amazing feedback from our school workshops!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Look at the great impact that our nature workshops are having on our attendee's:

"Joseph has loved attending your class, he is so excited every Tuesday morning to go to school as he knows you will be there, he told me you are his favourite teacher. Every week when I pick Joseph up he is so excited to show me what he has made in your nature class. Meeting the baby chicks was definitely his favourite day. Joseph had told me you talked about birds, frogs, caterpillars and have been watching them transform each week. Thank you for all your help"

"When Oliver was at your nature class he loved the nature workshops and still remembers them now (he's 8!)" and "Oliver is still hugely in to nature, he loves finding out what birds are when he sees them, he also enjoys planting and growing and looking at insects in the garden"

"Flynn has loved them, and comes home with the things he has made showing them off with pride" and "he has been pointing out nests in particular, and has been spotting and naming different birds everywhere and he loves being hands on with nature, and has been digging in the garden more than ever, finding bugs, investigating smells, and so on."

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